Our Condolences Go Out To Family And Friends. Members Of Other Warehouse-based Art Collectives Said The Ghost Ship Stood Out In A Community Where Most Living Quarters Had Amenities That Could Be Considered Normal For Urban Residences, And Are Safe And Well-managed.

Image: The Ghost Ship The interior of the Ghost Ship in Oakland, California. OaklandGhostShip.com That activity also drew complaints. you can look hereLocal authorities said the warehouse was not zoned for residential use and at the time of the fire was under investigation for allegations of blight and “unpermitted interior construction.” City records show a long history of complaints , with officials taking months to resolve them. The building’s owner, Chor Ng, has said via a family statement: “We are also trying to figure out what’s going on like everybody else. We’re sorry to hear about the tragedy. Our condolences go out to family and friends.” Members of other warehouse-based art collectives said the Ghost Ship stood out in a community where most living quarters had amenities that could be considered normal for urban residences, and are safe and well-managed. “Many of the people that live in these spaces are concerned about a crackdown from the city because of this one incident,” said Darin Marshall, who lives in a warehouse nearby. Play Copy this code to your website or blog Jewelry maker these details Shelley Mack said she rented one of several RVs on the ground level, joining about 15 other residents in the building. But she moved out after a few months, in February 2015, after clashing with Almena and complaining to authorities about dangerous and unsanitary conditions. Almena, in turn, filed a restraining order against Mack, claiming she tried to illegally squat in the building and had falsely accused him of crimes.

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